Blake’s inertial electrostatic confinement nuclear fusion reactor in operation.


Designed an active kevlar drone tether system to prevent flyaways. Experimentally characterized the performance of an advanced lidar unit; successfully distilled data into actionable insights for stakeholders within the company.

Blake developed a data-driven predictive model of CAN bus latency with respect to network utilization conditions. Packaged relevant algorithms in a user-friendly Matlab script. Determined the point at which high bus tilization levels cause catastrophic network failures in real cars.

Blake developed an innovative and radically inexpensive alternative to currently used brake cooling systems in McLaren super sports cars. During his internship, he also assisted the design director with miscellaneous projects and presented work to the CEO.

Thiel Fellowship

The Thiel Foundation named 24 people, including Blake Resnick, to the 2020 class of Thiel Fellows. The Fellowship program, which launched in 2011, encourages talented young people to pursue big ideas and start companies instead of attending college.

$100 , 000