Use Cases

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Law Enforcement

The LEMUR S has been proven in real-worlds call-outs. It is a highly-reliable, tactical tool that can help to de-escalate risk, and save lives.


The LEMUR S is rugged and can enter stuctures first, when it is too dangerous for first responders to go inside.

Search & Rescue

The LEMUR S can communicate and stream video through dense materials to ensure that the pilot operates from a safe location and is always in control.


The LEMUR S is paired with a virtual reality headset that gives pilots the ability to operate at a safe distance from any non-sterile or toxic environment.


Drones are a powerful tool to help safeguard democracy.


BRINC’s LEMUR S is designed to save lives. It is an incredibly rugged drone designed to enter the most dangerous situations and give first responders eyes and ears where they can’t send people.

flight time
communication system
perch time
turtle mode
day/night vision system
water resistance
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About BRINC Ball

BRINC Ball is a two-way communication device designed for de-escalation and negotiation. It is a very durable, shock-resistant cell phone.

Battery life
device size
speaker audibility
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Values & Ethics

Drones have tremendous potential to make the world safer. Our duty is to bring these technologies into the world responsibly, and to ensure that they do good.

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